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Blended and Radical: What is a Natural Swimming Pool REALLY?

Natural swimming pools are radical spins on the more traditional and widely understood swimming pool. A swimming pool is usually crystal clear. It has chlorine and a clear separation from the surrounding landscape. Though these pools have their place, natural swimming pools turn the classic idea of a pool upside down.

Natural pools are often integrated with the surrounding. There look makes them appear as if they are just another small lake by the field. The water is much darker than a classic pool. Though most of them are clear enough to see the bottom from looking in the top, many are discolored enough to hide the surface of the water. This is not the only natural attribute. Most natural swimming pools pa contain real rocks around the edge. There is no steadfast rule that says a natural pool has to actually look natural with its surroundings. Many may contain a concrete lining, and have clearer water. The pools also have a very sensible and organic shape, as opposed to having clear edges like a geometric traditional pool.

The natural aspect, with these kinds of pools, comes with the filtration. For the most part, no chlorine is used 9some may use very marginal amounts, and only during some type of algae or breakout). The pools do not use any chemicals to disinfect the water, so traditionally they mimic a natural body of water.

This does not mean the water is unclean. Any cleansing is done through hydroponic plants contained in the water or biological filters. The filtering strategy may differ depending on the season. Natural pools are stunningly gorgeous, but they do require a special amount of maintenance. For example, the water level must be closely monitored. If it dips too low, the plants will be unable to oxygenate the water properly.

A natural swimming pool can look natural, and it may take a few extra looks to even realize the pool is hooked up to some biological filters. These pools can also look very man-made, but have the proper filtration to qualify them as natural. Users can learn how to build a natural pool by asking the right questions and speaking to a local specialized company in Pennsylvania.